Sonntag, 8. September 2013

Cinema with Sui

On friday my boyfriend and I went to Düsseldorf to meet Sui and Brandon!
The autobahn (yes, this word does exist to express german expressways^^) was full of construction works so we were a little too late -.-
The way that normally takes ~45min by train took us 1 1/2 hours by car :'(
So when we arrived at our meeting point I was a little nervous ^_^'
I hoped I wouldn't bore them.
But it was a great evening!
Sui is such a nice and cute and funny person and I'm so glad I could meet her.
Brandon was a little quiet but we were okay with that ;)
I really felt the love he feels for Sui as he protected her from all those stupid retarded gazers!
I hope we'll soon meet again *^* <3

Well... we wanted to watch 'The Conjouring' because we all looove Horror movies ^^
my boyfriend and I already watched it some weeks ago but we loved to watche it again because it's a great, creepy movie *(>o<)*
Gladly Sui and Brandon liked the movie,too.

Here are some pics.
I took them from Sui because Brandon made all of them.
Rights belong to her, of course ^^
So don't take them without asking her ;)

Kuromi x My Melody (^_^)v

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