Montag, 21. Oktober 2013

Shopping with Sui // met MissNeko

On saturday I met my lovely Sui in Düsseldorf.
We went around town because she needed to get a few things so we searched so many stores but they never had those things we were looking for D:
When we went to the last store we finally found something and it was for sale ^_^
Lucky Sui <3

Here's a typical mirror pic ^///^
credits to Sui,
my editing

After that we met kawaii MissNeko and her lovely friend Bea because Bea bought something from Sui.
We decided to go to Pizza Hut because we were hungry ^^
Sui and I ate a Cheeseburger Crown Pizza something xD
It was so delicious *^*
See how amazing it looks

Before we all went home we took some pictures and Chekis :3
Thank you so much for this amazing day!!
I can't wait to meet you again ♡
Love you xoxo

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